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Businesses and individuals exchange currency and move money world wide quickly and conveniently.

Currency Exchange Services

Services designed to provide you with competitive rates and a variety of currency options.

Our Locations

Convenient locations across Canada to serve you with your currency exchange needs.

About Calforex

Dedicated to serving customers with currency exchange services since 1983.


Calforex’s philosophy is simple. We provide a much needed CHOICE. A CHOICE - by providing over 100 currencies at anytime. A CHOICE - by always providing the best rates in the market. A CHOICE of services for our clients versus the bank or any other currency exchange.

Calforex Currency Exchange prides itself on having a presence in local communities, achieving such success by being able to present themselves as a CHOICE.

With over 13 retail branch locations, Calforex assists local companies and individuals in all parts of Canada to conduct currency exchange transactions in the fastest, most reliable and economical manner.

From the best rates on banknote currency exchange to draft and wire services, Calforex delivers top dollar service to over one million individuals, financial institutions and businesses each year. When it comes to currency exchange services, you won't find another company who works harder for your money. Compare us to your current provider; call one of our local branches listed under locations or our toll free number 1-800-706-6656.

A simple call, a big difference.

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